Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Portland Bound!

This week I will be parting ways with my good ol' home state of Maryland. I'm heading out west to visit some good friends of mine in Portland, Oregon. I love to travel, so it may surprise you to hear that I... 

wait for it...

...Have never been on a plane...

THERE I SAID IT! Now it's not something I am proud of, being 23 and never getting the opportunity to experience the wonders of air travel. But alas, it does make you appreciate when it finally does happen, that much more!

So today, in honor of my steadily approaching vacation I am sharing a simple "Travel Hack" with you. This one I learned not too long ago when I needed to pack my vitamins and supplements for an extended vacation. Not wanting to bring 7 different bottles with me, I needed to find a reliable, space saving way to pack my pills. Naturally, I wanted to throw the mix into a Tupperware and call it a day. However, I needed a way to know which pill was which. 

I scanned my kitchen for a moment and found none other than, one of my favorite products, PRESS N SEAL. That's right friends, good ol' GLAD made the most versatile product in my life! I simply arranged the pills in piles on a large sheet of Press'n Seal. Once arranged, another equal sized sheet went down on top of the first. (This is where the name comes into action) I sealed each little pouch of pills up with my fingers and labeled each one with a sharpie. PERFECTION!

In light of the success I had with this experiment I decided to resonate this into other aspects of my packing. I have found it works perfectly for jewelry! That's right ladies, no more making a tangled mess of your jewelry! - I sealed each chain individually on one strip, and charms, rings, and earrings on another. Talk about simple and effective!

I hope you all enjoyed today's "Life Hack"

In what innovative way have you used a simple household product? Share in the comments section below!

Artfully Yours,


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